Our Classes

We have five different classes in Blagdon Nursery School.  Willows is a purpose built provision for our Two-Year-Old Funded children. Our other classrooms are called Apple Tree, Cherry Tree and Pear Tree; these rooms cater for 3-4 year olds who either have 15 hours and 30 hours (depending on eligibility).  We have recently opened two specialist resource provisions; The Orchard, for children who have Social Communication Difficulties/Autism, Sensory Processing or learning needs as their primary need and is an early years specialist centre for children with high level needs and Apple Pips which is a resource within our mainstream nursery for children with moderate social communication needs.  We have various outside areas that children can access from their classes and a large front garden that all children can access.

Each class has been designed to meet the needs and the ages of children who attend.  Every class has well planned learning areas that allow the children to develop independence in their explorations and learning.   Qualified teachers work across Blagdon to plan a rich, broad and exciting curriculum in partnership with skilled, experienced Early Years Practitioners.  Learning is delivered through a balanced daily mixture of child-led self selected activities, adult-led small group times and whole class short learning sessions.  Well planned activities inspire and delight children, with a range of experiences to develop their foundations for learning, life skills and their understanding of the world around them.