About Us

Learning through play is at the heart of everything we do, providing fun and enriching experiences which encourage children to explore, experiment and learn.

Our traditional Victorian school building is carefully laid out with a variety of resources allowing the children to self-select and follow their interests and is surrounded by two extensive gardens giving the opportunity for plenty of physical outdoor learning and exploration in all weathers. Children love coming to New Bridge, and local families speak fondly of their time with us. Our practitioners skilfully support and guide children’s next developmental steps, encouraging independent learning and preparing our children to move onto primary school with confidence, assurance and a love for learning

Head of School, Jean Read, leads an established team of qualified teachers and experienced early years practitioners to deliver a rich, exciting and broad curriculum of activities, helping children to learn vital life skills, build friendships and understand and navigate the world around them.

The Rights of the Child 

As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School, we believe every child has a right to receive the best possible learning experience in an environment that is safe and supportive yet stimulating and ambitious. Through our sensitive handling, your child will feel confident, secure and happy at Nursery. 

Reading Early Years Schools Federation

New Bridge proud to be part of the Reading Early Years Schools Federation (REYS), along with Caversham and Blagdon Nursery Schools. Under the leadership of Executive Head teacher, Joanne Budge, this federation of local nursery schools works together to share expertise and best practice.