15 Hour Entitlement

Children are entitled to 15 hours of funded term time education from the term following their 3rd birthday.  Depending on your employment status, your child may be entitled to funding for 30 hours of term time education. 

We are happy to accept children onto our waiting list once they have reached their 2nd birthday.  If your child is 2 years old, please telephone or email our admissions secretary to arrange a viewing and register a place on our waiting list.

We follow the Reading Early Years Schools Admissions Policy.

Nancy Carter is our Admin Officer and maintains our admissions and waiting list.  To arrange a viewing, or if you have any questions about our admissions process, please contact her by phone 0118 937 5580 or email admin@newbridgenursery.reading.sch.uk

You can also find images of our setting on our Instagram feed.