Please provide your child with a NAMED water bottle every day — learning through play is thirsty work!

Our 30-hour children in Rainbow class stay for lunch every day. 

We ask that parents provide a healthy packed lunch in a named lunchbox. This should be prepared freshly on the day to ensure maximum freshness and to comply with food hygiene regulations.  In warm weather, parents and carers are asked to ensure that their child’s lunch box contains an ice pack to keep food cool.

Please note we are a NUT FREE school, so please do not include nuts or products containing nuts (such as nut butters or chocolate spreads) in your child's lunchbox.  Please do check the labels of any prepackaged foods to ensure they are free from nuts and peanuts.  Please remember to cut up small items such as grapes, cherry tomatoes and sausages as these items can be choking hazards.  Please do not provide food that requires reheating, as we are unable to do this.

Healthy lunchbox Ideas

Children have very small stomachs, the size of their fist! Too much food can be overwhelming for them. We therefore suggest that choosing 1 item from each food group for their lunch box is about the right amount. You can find some suggestions here.

Any concerns about your child’s mealtime will be brought to you immediately – assume that no news is good news and if you don’t hear otherwise, that your child is developing their new mealtime skills and loving their experience! You will get feedback on their progress at your parent consultation meeting, or you can speak to your child's key person if you have questions.