Our Curriculum

REYS Federation Nursery Schools aim to provide our children with a broad, rich and exciting range of experiences which are fun, rewarding and challenging.  Our nursery schools develop the whole child providing them with secure foundations for lifelong learning. 

We have developed a Federation Charter, and a Federation SEND Charter committing our intention that every child in our care will have fun learning experiences whichever nursery school they join.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters and this is delivered through a variety of means:

By building positive relationships with children and families we are able to get to know about their home life and what their interests are.  This is then used to support children's learning during their sessions.

Small Group Times

We have daily small group times when we teach specific skills and develop children's knowledge which the children can use during their exploration time.  During exploration time the team support children's learning through high-quality interactions and teaching as well as songs, rhymes and Makaton.

We also have a daily literacy session which encompasses a focus story and phase 1 phonics.

Focus Stories

Week 1 - we introduce the story and read several times during the week, bringing out props towards the end of the week to embed the story.

Week 2 - A story map is created and the children are encouraged to act out the story.  We also introduce relevant non-fiction books.

Week 3 - We encourage children to retell the story and create different endings to stories.  We then move on to introduce different versions of the story and introduce further extension stories.

The list of stories for the year is shared with families on Tapestry.