Federation SEND Charter

We believe that children with a special educational need or disability attending one of our schools should be given the right support in order to access the same learning opportunities as ALL children and be given the best start to their education. As part of this we will ensure:

  • That safeguarding our children with SEND will always be our priority
  • That children feel safe and valued with an inclusive culture across all schools and in the wider community
  • That children get the help and support they need towards overcoming the barriers that other children do not face
  • That provision is welcoming, accessible and inclusive so that it meets the needs of all children with SEND
  • That children with SEND are identified at the earliest possible stage, providing timely assessment and appropriate interventions to meet their individual needs
  • That the voices of children and their families are at the centre of everything we do
  • That we work in partnership with all education, health and care services to provide a joined up approach to provision
  • That we communicate in an open and honest way with all parties involved and promote collaborative working and partnerships
  • That we are committed to ensuring there is collective responsibility across all roles within the schools
  • That expertise, skills and resources are shared across settings and are used effectively and creatively