REYS Governing Board

Name Type of Governor Office Link Date of Appointment Term of Office
Terry Hardie


Chair & Finance

  16th Mar 2021 4 years
Alison O'Donovan-Troth

Parent -Blagdon 

Co-Vice Chair Safeguarding 21st Jan 2020 4 years
Julia Cottee Local Authority Co-Vice Chair & Chair Finance Development 10th June 2020 4 years

Joanne Budge

Ex-Officio Executive Head teacher   21st Jan 2020 Ex-Officio
Edward Martin

Parent -Caversham

    29th Nov 2022 4 years
Melanie Aurelius Staff - Caversham   Co-Health and Safety & Co-Inclusion 16th July 2021 4 years
Sam Clifford Staff - Blagdon     10th Nov 2020 4 years
Sarah Cooper Parent -New Bridge    Curriculum 21st Jan 2020 4 years
Mandy Mullarkey Staff - New Bridge   Health and Safety 21st Jan 2020 4 years
Tamina Kulsoom Co-opted     27th Jan 2022 4 years
Rebecca Dunn Co-opted   Co-Inclusion 7th April 2022 4 years
Jackie Dalgleish   Clerk to the Governors