As a Nursery School we have a statutory duty to protect your children.

We ALL need to work together; parents, staff and the wider community to ensure children are able to grow and develop in a healthy and safe environment free from harm.

Here at New Bridge Nursery School we use a system called CPOMS to record any safeguarding concerns we as staff have.

CPOMS stands for Child Protection Online Management System and many schools use this system. This is an online system for our Nursery.

  • If your child’s key person has seen or heard something that concerns them, they will speak with you about it and then upload the conversation onto CPOMS so we have a record of it.
  • Only our designated safeguarding officers have full access to children’s CPOMS files.
  • Our safeguarding officers are available if you ever want to discuss a safeguarding concern in private.
  • At the end of your child’s time here at New Bridge Nursery School, if your child has a safeguarding file on CPOMS this will be transferred to their new school with confidentiality and integrity as our top priority.