Federation Charter

We believe children attending one of our schools should have a broad and rich curriculum. As part of this we will give the children the opportunity to:

  • Attend a bonfire
  • Eat a picnic
  • Watch a show/performance
  • Explore textures with feet
  • Bake or cook
  • Hold an animal
  • Build a den
  • Fly a kite
  • Make a mud creation
  • Make a boat
  • Hunt for bugs
  • Grow a plant/flower
  • Use a map
  • To celebrate a festival outside of their own experience
  • Try food from a range of countries
  • Mix paint
  • Visit a local park
  • Trip to a library
  • Ride on a bus or train
  • Visit a shop with a list
  • Experience a water fight
  • Woodwork
  • Try a new sport
  • Have a visit in the local community
  • Play or listen to a new instrument

This will inspire our children to seek wider experiences that will enrich their lives